5th February 2019

We are really excited to introduce you to our brand new podcast CONNED!

Con artists are fascinating and if you want to hear the unbelievable true stories of some of the greatest con artists from around the world, then this is the podcast for you.

Incredible liars, cheats, fraudsters, scammers and more: each week we will take you through a different true case of deception from how the lie began to how they managed to pull it off, and how (or if) they were eventually caught.

We can’t wait to get started so we hope you’ll join us. Get subscribed and Episode 1 of Conned will be available via your favourite podcasting app very soon!

In the mean time you can follow us for updates on Twitter and instagram @connedcast.

Duration: 0:56

Keywords: Conned, scam, liar, cheat, fraud, money, deception, con artist, hustle, trailer