The Missing Boy

27th March 2019

In 1994 Nicholas Barclay was 13 years old. He was walking home from playing with his friends when he vanished without a trace. He wasn't seen again until 3 years later when he incredibly reappeared... however not everything was as it seemed.

The person who returned to the Barclay family was not Nicholas, but rather an imposter. Why was this stranger pretending to be a boy who had been missing for 3 years? What did he want? And would he be found out?



The internet has some very interesting theories on what happened to Nicholas. Here are just some of them:  

A British/American documentary movie was made about this case in 2012 - The Imposter. 


Duration: 34:29

Keywords: conned, imposter, Nicholas Barclay, Frederic Bourdin, missing, liar